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10 Best Hot Tubs Accessories

Top 10 Best Hot Tub Accessories 2024

Are you ready to transform your hot tub into a luxurious oasis of relaxation and fun? Whether your lifestyle is all about health, leisure, or a mix of both, we’ve meticulously curated a list of our top ten hot tub accessories. These selections are tailored to enhance comfort, streamline maintenance, and add convenience to your spa experience. Dive into our guide for elevating your moments of relaxation to unparalleled heights.

Cover & Lifter:
The Essential Duo

The cornerstone of any hot tub setup is a robust cover that protects against debris, safeguards your filters, and reduces maintenance hassles and costs. It’s also your best ally in energy efficiency, trapping heat inside to ensure your spa is warm and inviting anytime you desire a dip. Discover the critical importance of hot tub covers in our featured article, “Why are Hot Tub Covers Important?” Complementing the cover, a lifter minimizes the effort in handling it and extends its lifespan by preventing undue damage.

Hot Tub Cover with lifter

Chemical & Water Tester Kit/Smart Monitor:
Your Spa's Health Check

Affordable yet invaluable, these kits are your first line of defense in maintaining your spa waters’ condition and safety. Regular monitoring of chlorine, alkalinity, and pH levels guarantees a worry-free soak. Embrace the future with smart monitors, offering the convenience of checking your hot tub’s health from your smartphone and receiving timely notifications for any necessary adjustments.

Chemical and water tester kit

Steps, Railing, Anti-Slip Mats:
Safety First

Ensuring the well-being of you and your guests is of the utmost importance. Accessories such as steps and railings provide secure access, while anti-slip mats offer a sturdy footing, surrounding your hot tub with layers of safety and peace of mind.

A hot tub with stairs

Cleaning Tools:
Pristine Waters Await

Equip yourself with an arsenal of cleaning tools, including nets, skimmers, brushes, and vacuums, designed to tackle debris on the surface and beneath the waterline. Keeping your spa sparkling clean enhances the overall experience, making every soak a blissful escape.

Hot Tub Cleaning Tools

Spa Pillows and Cushions:
Elevate Your Personalized Comfort

Experience the pinnacle of relaxation with waterproof pillows and cushions engineered for the ultimate comfort. These accessories allow for personalized adjustments, ensuring your hot tub seats perfectly fit your body’s needs, enhancing every moment of your soak.

Spa Pillows and Cushions

Trays and Caddies:
Convenience At Your Fingertip

Transform your soak into an uninterrupted bliss with handy trays and caddies. Keep your favorite drinks, snacks, and even your phone within easy reach, adding a layer of convenience that lets you relax without a care.

A Hot Tub With Trays and Caddies

Entertainment System:
Set The Scene

Elevate the ambiance of your hot tub area with an outdoor entertainment system featuring weatherproof televisions and waterproof speakers. Immerse yourself in your favorite tunes or shows, creating the perfect backdrop for your relaxation sessions.

Hot Tub Entertainment System

Towel Warmer:
The Ultimate Indulgence

A towel warmer adds a touch of luxury, enveloping you in warmth as you transition from the comforting embrace of your hot tub to the cool air outside. This accessory becomes a cherished addition, especially during the chill of winter nights, making every exit as comforting as the soak itself. Complement this luxury with a selection of plush towels stationed conveniently outdoors.

A Hot Tub With A Towel Warmer

Outdoor Shower:
The Splurge-Worthy Addition

While it may be a premium investment, an outdoor shower elevates the hot tub experience to new levels of convenience and hygiene. Pre and post-soak showers not only rid your skin of oils and lotions, minimizing filter clogs but also keep your spa waters pristine, enhancing the longevity of your hot tub.

A Hot Tub With A Outdoor Shower

Water-Safe Exercise Equipment:
Boost Your Health

Dive into the world of aquatic fitness with water-safe exercise gear. The natural resistance of water makes for an effective, joint-friendly workout. The options are vast and surprising, with resistance bands, aquatic weights, underwater treadmills, and bikes. Engaging in water exercises offers an excellent cardiovascular workout, proving that your hot tub can be both a source of relaxation and a center for wellness.

Embark on this journey to elevate your spa experience with accessories that cater to every aspect of your hot tub lifestyle. From ensuring safety and maintenance to boosting comfort and convenience, our carefully selected favorites promise to transform your spa into a haven of luxury and relaxation.

Water-Safe Exercise Equipment

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